Chrome of your dream

Each of us has your-own favorite browser, that we're using in our regular life. But sometimes we just need a good solution for a portable browser that we can run from our USB flash-drive (aka disk-on-key). Today I'll tell how to make a portable build of Chrome.

1. We need to download the last available build ( of Chromium. You can find it here:;O=D

2. Create a new folder «Chrome»

3. Unzip to this folder. The path to chrome.exe must be something like «..\Chrome\chrome-win32»

As I told above, we want to build a portable build of browser that could work from USB-drive at any PC. Because Windows doesn't support relative path in shortcuts (LNK-files) we have to create a separate cmd-file with startup options as command line parameters.

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  • June 27, 2010, 10:59am
  • touki
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