Create a task in Windows XP/7 Task Scheduler using batch file

In my current job we needed to automatize some processes by using Windows Task Scheduler; I wrote a batch file, which you may find useful,
especially when you don't have direct/remote access to user's desktop.

The main problem of implementation this task was Windows Vista/7 with its UAC, I had to use powershell to get Admin privileges by popping a window prompt to user directly to accept rather than have the user type the password manually upon the request.

:: schedule.bat                              ::
:: Set variables TaskName, Task and go ahed  ::
::                       ::
@ECHO off
ECHO "Proceeding..."

REM Delete variables, may be cached
SET "TaskName="
SET "Task="

REM Set variables
SET TaskName=DummyTaskName
REM Following task will be executed every hour
SET Task=C:\\usr\local\php5\php.exe C:\\cron.php

REM Determine if windows xp
VER | find "XP" > NUL
IF %ERRORLEVEL% == 0 GOTO ver_xp

REM Determine if windows Vista/Win7
systeminfo | find "OS Name" > %TEMP%\osname.txt
FOR /F "usebackq delims=: tokens=2" %%i IN (%TEMP%\osname.txt) DO SET Version=%%i
DEL /F %TEMP%\osname.txt

ECHO %Version% | find "Windows 7" > NUL
ECHO %Version% | find "Windows Vista" > NUL
IF %ERRORLEVEL% == 0 GOTO ver_vista

:Run Windows XP specific commands here.
REM Delete variable, may be cached
SET "Result="
REM WinXP doesn't support TN for schtasks /query
FOR /F "delims=, tokens=2" %%R IN ('schtasks /query /fo csv /v ^| findstr /L /C:"%TaskName%"') DO SET Result=%%R
IF (%Result%)==() SET Result="-1"
IF "%TaskName%" == %Result% (
REM Delete Task if it exists
	SCHTASKS /Delete /TN "%TaskName%" /F
REM Then Create hourly running one
SCHTASKS /Create /TN "%TaskName%" /TR "%Task%" /SC HOURLY /RU SYSTEM
GOTO exit

:Run Windows Vista specific commands here.
GOTO Elevation

:Run Windows 7 specific commands here.
GOTO Elevation

REM Don't forget escape double quotes for CMD argument that you will pass to powershell
PushD "%~dp0"
SET Argument=SCHTASKS /Create /F /TN \"%TaskName%\" /TR \"%Task%\" /SC HOURLY /RU SYSTEM
SET ELEVATED_CMD=PowerShell -Command (New-Object -com 'Shell.Application').ShellExecute('Cmd.exe', '/C %Argument%', '', 'runas')
GOTO exit

ECHO "Done!"

You might need powershell for Windows Vista, I don't know if it comes by default with Vista

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