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Each of us has your-own favorite browser, that we're using in our regular life. But sometimes we just need a good solution for a portable browser that we can run from our USB flash-drive (aka disk-on-key). Today I'll tell how to make a portable build of Chrome.

1. We need to download the last available build ( of Chromium. You can find it here:;O=D

2. Create a new folder «Chrome»

3. Unzip to this folder. The path to chrome.exe must be something like «..\Chrome\chrome-win32»

As I told above, we want to build a portable build of browser that could work from USB-drive at any PC. Because Windows doesn't support relative path in shortcuts (LNK-files) we have to create a separate cmd-file with startup options as command line parameters.

In this post, in order to use relative paths we are going to use the following folder structure:

4. So, let's start from the basic functionality. In order to do this open your Chrome.cmd with Notepad and fill in th following strings:
@echo off
start Chrome\chrome-win32\chrome.exe

This will let us to run Chrome with default settings.

5. Now let's add some tasty food.
If we want that our Chrome doesn't left any traces on PC, just add:
--user-data-dir="..\User Data"

This will allows to us to save all user data, cache including, inside of Chrome's folder that we created earlier on USB-drive.

If we want to run Chrome in maximized mode, so add:

By default Chrome checks its browser's status at each startup, disable this annoying notification we can by using parameter:

If you prefer to use original Chrome's localization, so add:

Incognito mode you can enable with:

Full list of Chrome's command line parameters:

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